providing residents with a beautiful & comfortable place to live, along with the daily care and assistance they require.


The Cedars is and always has been family owned and operated.  

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The first phase of “The Cedars” was created from an existing building that was originally a Holiday Inn Hotel and then became The Red Cedar Inn.  In 1985,  Darrel Farr renovated The Red Cedar Inn to create The Cedars of Austin. The ideal location in the heart of Austin, beautiful view of the Red Cedar River, walking paths around the Mill Pond and wonderful common area design made it an easy choice. 


Below, Cedars founder, Darrel Farr, describes how The Cedars of Austin came to be and what it means to him and the entire Darrel Farr family:


“When I started building and operating residential and commercial property in 1961, senior communities were not a common occurrence. By 1985 however, the thought of doing something more socially challenging and rewarding occurred to me. Maybe the thought was of ‘giving back’ for the blessings I’d received. Since then, my family and I have developed eighteen senior communities. The very first of those eighteen communities was the Cedars of Austin."

What was The Red Cedar Inn was ideally located downtown, convenient to everything, faced the Red Cedar River and had a remarkable commercial kitchen. The old Red Cedar Inn also had a floor of conference space that readily adapted to areas of common benefit like the dining room, chapel, library, and other enjoyable uses.IMG_5436.jpg

We know that ‘loving care’, ‘great food’, a ‘sense of belonging’ and in today’s world ‘affordability’ and ‘value’ are paramount in the decision to move to a senior community. Our family involvement and our staff, who are carefully selected and trained, assure "The Cedars Way” of dignifying and enriching our residents’ lives.

From my experience with one of The Cedars' first residents, I knew I was “hooked” on senior housing. A lovely lady approached me in the lobby in front of the dining room about a month after The Cedars had opened. She explained how lonely she had been in her home and how she thought in her words "I was a goner." “Now, Mr. Farr” she exclaimed, “I think I might live forever!" One doesn't realize emotional income like that very often.

Ever since The Cedars opened, we have had the honor of providing the answer to the needs of thousands of seniors along with their loving families and caregivers. This history of service and longevity brings us a great deal of satisfaction. To those who have allowed us to provide for the happiness and well-being of a loved one, thank you for sharing confidence in our ability to live up to this incredible responsibility.


In gratitude, Darrel Farr & The Darrel Farr Family


It only took two days of living at The Cedars to realize that my daughter was right when she encouraged me to move here!


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