Seniors Get More From Your Bank

Posted by Cedars on January 15, 2016

Get more from your bank;

When banks compete for your business, you win.

Relying on one institution for all of your financial needs might be costing you money. Here are four areas where banks want to earn your business-and how you can benefit, if your willing to shop around.


Shop around, rates can vary widely from bank to bank, so it pays to shop around. On-line banks can offer better rates than a brick-and-mortar institutions, because they do not have the overhead expense.


While buying a home is a major purchase, a 2015 U.S. government report says nearly half¬† of all homebuyers don’t shop for mortgages-they seriously only consider one lender. That could be a costly choice. Don’t be afraid to shop around.

Auto Loans

Eight out of 10 Car buyers finance at the dealership, according to the nonprofit canter for responsible lending. Preapproval is easy; it’s usually just an application with no obligation to accept the offer.


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