Retirement Mistakes

Posted by Cedars on January 27, 2016

Retirement mistakes you don’t want to make

Retiring too early:

  • Before you retire, figure out a solid retirement budget first

Ignoring your life expectancy:

  • people 60 or 65 today are living into their mid-to-late 80’s and beyond
  • To be safe, plan to live till at least 90 or 95

Tapping benefits too soon:

  • It’s tempting to grab your Social Security benefit as soon as it’s there, at age 62.
  • If you do however, the amount of the benefit is cut by 25%

Retiring with debt:

  • Get rid of your Credit card debt while your still employed
  • Pay off those car loans before you retire

These are all good things to take a look at before you retire, sell your home or move into senior housing.


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