Staying Safe and Secure on Social Media

Posted by Cedars on July 20, 2016

Get wise to these 5 ways your data is at risk.

  1. Twitter tricks. With key stroke tweaks-such as adding an extra character to a corporate name-cybercrooks create fake social media accounts to pose as a customer service rep.
  2. Live-stream lies. Taking a cue from media companies that stream their TV shows and movies online, crooks offer their own programming-typically, they promise free viewing of a big game or popular event. This is a phishing mission you need to stay away from these scammers.
  3. Fake freebies and discounts. Scammers set bogus social media accounts that look just like those legit companies-claim to offer free or dirt-cheap products and services.
  4. Contest cons and survey swindles. In these schemes crooks promise a prize for completing an on line survey.
  5. Gossip gotchas. Celebrity names, couples with terms such as ” Video” and “picture” have long been among the most searched terms and most dangerous. That’s true on social media as well.

Be careful what you click on. All in all, don’t be too social on social media-hang on to your personal information.

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