providing residents with a beautiful & comfortable place to live, along with the daily care and assistance they require.

Our Memory Care program combines our homelike, family atmosphere with specialized care and unique programming designed specifically to recognize each resident’s different preferences and needs. 


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Memory Care at the Cedars is person-centered and innovative. From care-planning meetings involving nursing staff, recreation staff, management, and most importantly, resident family, to implementing Companion Memory Care, to investing in technology that promotes resident engagement, we put our one-of-a kind residents at the center of everything we do.  We believe a diagnosis of memory impairment does not have to mean a loss of quality of life.



The Cedars strives to meet our residents’ needs at every stage in their life, including our residents who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia. We focus on achieving the highest quality of life for all our residents.  We believe there is always something that can be done to improve the comfort and increase enjoyment and serenity for someone with memory loss as well as their family. 

COA MC Embedded .jpgWe do not care for our residents as “someone with a memory impairment diagnosis” because that is not who they ARE as a person. Our resident’s individuality and dignity always come first, ahead of their diagnosis. We provide care that honors the one-of-a-kind individuals they are, taking the time to get to know each resident and their family, promoting improved quality of life and fostering a lasting relationship that provides support for everyone involved.


Our smaller neighborhood environment provides a safe and secure setting, promoting one-on-one connections between staff and residents. This individual attention benefits our residents by allowing us to provide care they respond to positively.

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Our Programming

The cornerstone of any successful Memory Care program is knowing each individual’s life story – their family, their career, their hobbies, and their likes and dislikes, and utilizing it in all care provided. We created “Joining My Journey,” a program that helps us learn more about our Memory Care resident’s past and present, giving us a deeper understanding of who they are as a person. 

Joining My Journey is a comprehensive program that addresses each resident’s unique needs. It allows us to create an environment that nurtures each resident’s well-being, ensuring their daily medical and dietary needs are taken care of and they are engaging in activities they enjoy. Understanding each resident in this way means staff know exactly how to make them comfortable and anticipate their needs. For example, our staff knows when to offer a resident their favorite cup of tea, when to soothe and comfort them by holding their hand and when to engage them in pleasant activities before boredom and loneliness set in. Staff knows what they can do to make them feel happy, comfortable, safe, and loved.

Your loved one has their own road to travel and we support them in exploring it fully. We don’t correct them if they do not remember a moment from their past or can’t remember what day it is. This approach removes the stress of what residents cannot remember or cannot do and helps them discover the joy of living in the moment. 

Our activities are meaningful because they are linked to the hobbies and interests our residents enjoyed before they were diagnosed with memory loss. One of the best ways to connect with those with memory loss is through their five senses: taste, touch, sight, smell, and hearing. The smell of warm apple pie, the taste of a favorite meal, or the sound of familiar hymns can tap into long-term memories. The memories can recreate pleasant sensations in the present. Musical entertainment and activities that promote reminiscing, such as baking, are enjoyed almost daily. 


Cathy Ehley, our Memory Care Counselor,  is well versed in the world of Alzheimer’s and dementia. She creates special programming designed specifically for those with memory loss.  In our nurturing environment, staff members engage residents in meaningful activities and leisure opportunities.  Cathy leads a team of Memory Care staff that is passionately committed to providing the best care possible for our residents and the best support for their families and caregivers.  

Cathy is a dementia care counselor and brings memory care support to a new level for both residents and their families.  “When caring for a loved one with memory loss, no family journey is the same.  That’s why we share the journey with you taking time to get to know your loved one and your family, fostering a lasting relationship that provides support for everyone involved.”

Everyone, not just the health care staff, who works in our Memory Care neighborhoods considers themselves a caregiver to our residents. Staff do not see caring for our residents as a set of tasks to be accomplished quickly. Instead, they see every interaction as an opportunity to encourage independence and to engage in a relationship. Our staff are trained in techniques to care for those with memory loss and ways to promote communication, decrease frustration and foster a sense of trust and security. All of our Memory Care staff are trained to pay special attention to each resident and provide personalized care.  They take the time to learn about each resident’s likes and dislikes, past life experiences and favorite activities.

Our nurses closely monitor each resident’s care. This allows for very frequent interaction and deep understanding of each resident’s healthcare needs, making it is easier to detect and monitor any subtle changes and ensure their health and well being.  Health care staff trained in caring for those with dementia are available to provide care 24 hours a day and do multiple daily personal wellness check of each resident.

Our health care, activities and dietary staff works together to take a well-rounded approach in creating a comprehensive plan of care for each Memory Care resident.  Our staff will help put you at ease by knowing that we understand and that your loved one is receiving the necessary assistance with daily living tasks, as well as encouragement and support in a loving and secure environment.

Care Package

At The Cedars our base Memory Care package is comprehensive. Our RN will conduct a personal assessment for each resident prior to move-in to develop a personal care plan that meets his or her needs and personal preferences.

The personal care plan will include all the services a resident may need, such as: dressing, grooming, behavior management, ambulation/mobility, continence care, medication management and meal and activity escorts/reminders.

Included in the monthly rate is the rent for your choice of room in our secured neighborhood setting, housekeeping, trash removal, laundry, all utilities except phone and cable, a weekly shower and three delicious well-balanced meals with a variety of menu choices, snacks and beverages.

There is daily programming specific to the needs of those with memory loss designed to maintain your loved one’s vitality and dignity, including scheduled group outings and outside entertainment, all of which is included.  


We view you as a true partner in the care of your loved one. You know them completely and can give us the valuable information we need to customize their care. You are encouraged to communicate openly with our staff so we can address any questions and concerns. Our goal is to provide the best possible care and achieve the highest quality of life for our residents; and their friends and family are a crucial part in helping us achieve that goal. 

The journey through memory loss is different for everyone and every family, each with their own unique challenges, difficulties and rewards. That’s why we share the journey with you, taking time to get to know your loved one and your family, fostering a lasting relationship that provides support for everyone involved. 

Caring for someone with dementia is time consuming and stressful for families. Often, family relationships improve when the stress of care giving is removed, and the person with memory loss is in a place where all their needs are being met. We understand the challenges you may be facing, no matter where you are in your journey with memory loss. From the moment of a diagnosis of memory loss, we are here to help. Our Memory Care staff is experienced in caring for those with memory loss and has helped hundreds of residents and their families cope with the difficulties of memory loss.

Helping families cope with their loved ones new circumstances can take a great deal of stress from everyone, which is why we believe it is so important to provide as much support as possible. Our Director of Memory Care is a professional dementia care counselor certified through the Alzheimer’s Association and LeadingAge Minnesota.

If you are considering the option of Memory Care for the sake of a loved one’s need for safety, supervision, and assistance we encourage you contact us. It would be our honor to learn about and support your family’s journey.


After selling our house and moving to The Cedars I am happy to say we are at home here.


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