Eat your way to Brain Health

Posted by Cedars on November 17, 2015

The research is clear: What you eat has a big impact on your brain. In fact the right foods-and combination of the right foods-can enhance memory, build new brain cells and even help ward off Alzheimer’s.

  • Olive oil, green tea and leafy greens (broccoli, spinach, and kale). Each of these antioxidant super foods helps fight inflammation. Uncontrolled inflammation over time can damage the brain.
  •  Beets, tomatoes and avocados. These three darkly hued foods help ensure that your brain receives the blood it needs to stay sharp.
  • NUTS (Especially Walnuts). These foods work deep in the brain to fight amyloid plaques.
  • Fish, Blueberries, grapes, coffee and dark chocolate. These are nutrient powerhouses have been shown to increase the level of brain-derived neurotrophic factor a protein that supports the growth of new neurons.

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