Holiday Health for Seniors

Posted by Cedars on March 25, 2016

Holiday Health!

While the Holiday’s are a time for gathering with family and friends, they can also be a source of stress. Staying Healthy can be a challenge during this time of year, especially for senior’s. Get a Senior’s caregiver involved to help manage expectations at this time of year.

Not understanding or knowing an elderly person’s limits can be difficult. You can anticipate that they might need help, but they might not express to you that they’ve slowed down.

  • Make Healthy choices for meals. Tempting homemade snacks are hard to turn down.
  • Stay hydrated, have easily accessible water at the Holiday’s.
  • Follow their Dietary restrictions if they have them. When people get stressed they tend to over eat, making guidelines hard to follow.
  • Drink in moderation, drink can cause some seniors to have adverse side effects with their medication. Try a new Alcohol free drink.
  • Keep exercising, if they exercise daily, then you bundle them in a car,¬†then they sit in the chair their can be an issue. Do a few laps, walk around, keep them moving.

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday this Easter.


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