How Dementia Changes Families

Posted by Cedars on January 20, 2016

When my mom developed dementia, my dad tried to deny it and I tried to fix it. We both failed.

You could sum up my father’s reaction to my mother’s first year of dementia in two words: Bad Waitress.

“Last week I asked her for eggs over easy and she scrambled them,” he shouted over the phone one day in 2005. “Today it happened again.”

I kept my tone neutral. “She didn’t do it on purpose,” I said. “She actually couldn’t remember what you asked.”

“The hell she couldn’t,” he snapped. “She’s just not paying attention.”

I tried defending her further, but he had already hung up.

If this sounds like a conversation you have had you can find services and support for you and your family.

Alzheimer’s association

24/7 helpline

800*272*3900   or